I am a British photographer living in Palawan, the westernmost part of the Philippine Archipelago, since 2004. 

Palawan is a unique collection of over 1,700 islands – a Unesco Biosphere Reserve specifically designed for a balanced relationship between people and nature.

Through my project Palawan Seas I am exploring our universal human connection to the ocean – from the ancient traditions of indigenous people to new, innovative projects to revive coral reefs. These ecosystems, which are among the most abundant and diverse in the world, are on the brink of extinction due to global climate change. Palawan Seas is supported through Blue Earth Alliance. Images have been shown in community and exhibition spaces in Palawan, Manila, London and New York.

I have previously worked on marine conservation projects with the World Wildlife Fund and Tubbataha Reefs World Heritage Site as a photographer, research videographer, writer and designer of communication materials. As a freelance photojournalist, I have reported on marine, terrestrial and cultural issues, for newspapers, magazines, radio and internet publications and have conceptualised and contributed to a number of books, including Palawan Islands [Tapan, 2012] and Palawan and its Global Connections [Eder & Evangelista, 2014].

Before moving to the Philippines I worked on the editorial staff of Geographical magazine (UK) and interned at Magnum Photos London where I gained valuable insight into the vital role of photography in the contemporary world.

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